Packing Video 2021

Lindsey Brenz
about 2 months agoApril 29, 2021
Camp Maas Packing Video 2021 featuring Head of Brighton Side, Hallie Steckler!
Hilary Greenberg
about 2 months agoMay 5, 2021
Do mini campers need two jumbo duffle bags or just one?
Ashley O'Neill
29 days agoMay 25, 2021
This was really helpful. Thanks so much!
Ellie Yerman
20 days agoJune 3, 2021
Former Camper here if your camper does decide to use a Nalgene water bottle and the wide mouth type then please get them a splash guard otherwise it may end up all over your camper at least that's what happened to me
Ellie Yerman
20 days agoJune 3, 2021
Former camper here one with one more tip in terms of letter writing I had at least a printed piece of paper with all of the names and addresses of people to who I wanted to send mail.
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